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From Burmese Nats to puppets heads; from temple guardian statues to vintage sling shots and treasure boxes to fill; these wonderful art objects hail from Thailand, Burma, Africa and have one thing in common: they are all timeless treasures that reflect rich artistic cultures. They are coated with lacquer, dyes, hair, colored glass or gold leaf. Statues faded and bleached by the sun some remnants from old temples. They all radiate a place and time far away. These are for the designer, collector or lover of beautiful things in you.

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Amulet Panel on Stand-Thailand Burmese Buddhist Manuscript Box
Burmese Praying Nat Devotees Chofah on Stand
El Brazo Pequeno-Wall Hook Hand Carved Wooden Durian;Thailand Teak Man on Stand
Teak Mask On Wooden Stand Teak Woman Mask On Wooden Stand Vintage Wooden Burmese Figure