June 09, 2014


DIY Dining Room Light


Little by little, I am ferreting out cool pieces from flea markets and adding some "new " looks to my space. Since I work from home so much, I have been wanting to change things up I'm spending a bit little time to put some love into my surroundings. In my world that means DIY projects. My first project was to find a fantastic lamp to swag over my dining room table. I love to mix it up. I have such an eclectic home that a little mid-century modern was just the right touch.

I love the way the circular lamp hovers over the circular plate on my circular table. The cost breakdown below...

1. Light, found at a local flea market: $105
2. Rewiring: $85
3. Electrical work and swaging: FREE...or rather trade!

Keep checking the blog for new ideas...I have 2 more DIY projects in the pipe line!

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