May 26, 2013


Teak Panel With Protection

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When I go hunting for global treasures in Thailand, it's imperative that I go to the trusted craft and trades people who I have become close to and work with during every trip. Like many businesses, it's about relationships. Working with people you trust and you know respect and understand what is important to me when I make purchases. I like to buy local, fair-trade, and from people with a conscience. This can be tough to figure out when you are alone.

This Amulet Panel comes from the happiest guy I know in Chiang Mai. He is a hoarder, a collector and innovator. When I am in his work space, I begin by putting a pile together. It can takes hours. This is just one of the pieces I scooped up on my last trip. 

This particular panel is made from an old, teak window panel and adorned with Buddhist amulets. It measures 10.5-inches wide by 31-inches high and is about 4-inches deep. Mounted on a black stand, it will surely offer major protection and is an art object for any space. 

Amulets are serious business in Thailand! If you want to know more about them in general,
here is a link to some interesting information I found...

FAQs on Thai Amulets

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