March 18, 2011

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Tribal Art From Vietnam

There are 53 ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. During my recent visit there I put together a special group of my favorite paper masks from the shamans, new prints from old wood blocks, textile patches from the back of Dao women's coats and handwritten and illustrated book pages from Taoist shaman. They are all rich examples of a few of the tribal groups in Vietnam, showing their traditions have changed little in a century (as documented by comparing photographs taken a century apart) and in most cases many centuries....Here is a favorite spot I go to find these disappearing gems.

Shaman paper masks

Pages from Taoist Shaman book

Contemporary print from a Shaman's Buddhist stamp
Textile patches from the back of Dao women's coats

A journey through time...

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William Mitchell
William Mitchell

July 12, 2015

Where is the shop shown in the photos? What is the name of the shop? These items interest me and I would love to visit.



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