March 08, 2011


Bragging Rights

Hard work and a little help from your friends!  Three years ago no one would have been able to convince me that owning my own business would be more challenging then being a single parent working full time. When I left my job in the wine business to launch The Loaded Trunk website, I had this pie in the sky idea that I had all the grit it would take to do this, no problem. Fast forward...The Loaded Trunk will be 2 years old in July and employing moi! I do have the grit, but when your freinds warn you how steep the mountain is you are about to climb, listen!

So it is with pride that I get to grin and blow on my knuckles and brush them against my chest in an old fashion "oh yeah" way: Here are what some of my peers are saying about The Loaded Trunk...

The favorite Crocodile stapler

Thai dishes recalling the Sukhothai period
Pretty + functional best selling Bali Baskets

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