August 14, 2010


Travel Fever and Mexico City

I have been home all summer planning my next trips, getting my "ducks" in a row.  Collaborating with wonderful women on how to take my business to the next level.  So, I haven't done much of what I am the best at doing "Woman Shops Globe". Whenever I start feeling restless I look at pictures of where I have been, my favorite markets, meals, foods and dream of where I am going next!  I am planning a quick jaunt to Mexico City, a place that provides me with constant inspiration!
A lovely weekend flea market in Roma District in Mexico City.  Roma probably has more 19th-century mansions per square meter than anywhere else in the city.

Xochimilco, on the outskirts of Mexcico City, is originally known for the canal system built by the Aztecs.  Today it is more like bumper boats(trajineras) as it gets crowded with boats filled with locals making a family day of it, partying and often eating from the many floating kitchens called chalupas.
This old Milagro necklace from a Museum in Mexico City inspired the necklace below available at The Loaded Trunk.

Milagro and turquoise necklace from The Loaded Trunk   

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