July 27, 2010


First Year Closes and a New One Begins

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows!  Thanks to all for commenting on the last giveaway.  Congrats to Karena!  So many lovely choices..
Photos from the loaded trunk
With exhilaration and excitement I begin my 2nd year of business at the loaded trunk.  For the final giveaway I am choosing from a group of pieces that come from one of my first trips.  They embody the nature and reason that I started this venture: the sheer adventure and pleasure I get hunting, gathering and spending time haggling with and meeting the people of countries I go to.  

These pieces are from South Eastern Turkey near the border of Syria.  A beautiful and magical place called Gaziantep. It is known for a few of the world's favorite things: pistachios, peppers, and tinned copper. My daughter and I spent days visiting and getting to know many merchants before they would even bring up the subject of selling to us and then we spent days of negotiating over these rare objects.  During this process we were constantly reminded  it was all about the relationship.  Luckily Ryan, my daughter speaks Turkish, so it did make things a bit easier and ultimately a bargain was made and these pieces became some of the 1st put in the loaded trunk. 

These copper pieces come in all sizes, designs, and shapes. With their various states of age and handling, each piece has as much personality as the people of Turkey. So the winner may choose one from the pieces below and through them feel a bit of the travel bug I feel each time I touch them.

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old-world relics meet modern entertaining in these pitchers.

Add significance to your daily rituals with these unusual hand-made pots: Flatter company with the “good” teapot
Turkish tinned copper teapot

Turkish tinned copper teapot
 iyi sanslar (good luck!)

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