June 08, 2010


India on my mind

India seems to be on everyone's mind, on websites (one of my favorites), blogs (another personal favorite recommending books on Indian textiles), jewelry, clothing, you name it. You know when you buy something that you thought was so unique and then you start seeing it everywhere? Well that's India to me, it is everywhere and I love its influence.

After a two-month journey this winter, it is a thrilling confirmation that at least I went, hunted and purchased for The Loaded Trunk alongside many of my peers.

Here are some of my favorite moments:
Mogul Miniatures, Bihar Folk Art and God & Goddess Posters
Lucknow India Craft Mela
The ultimate embellishment
  Just traveling along with the camels
  Kite Festival in Kutch Mandvi Beach
photos by Ryan Jaco

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