September 16, 2015


Phulkari - Silky Seductive Textiles

I have been a Phulkari lover ever since I purchased this one while shopping for The Loaded Trunk in India several years ago. These textile treasures from Punjab are beautiful, charming and steeped in tradition. They are so much a part of the culture of the Punjab region of India that the Indian government designated the region to be the sole location where these embroideries can be made. They are a fraction of the price of many more popular and trendy textiles making these brilliant choices to add to the eclectic home. 

This really brightens up my hallway. I carefully used pushed pins to hang it. 


In her new book " The New Bohemians " Justina graces the cover with a vintage chair recovered in a Phulkari. Lucky me - she has cited The Loaded Trunk as one of her retail sources - So honored ! 

An eclectic bed. The Loaded Trunk ( vintage burmese prayer bowl, wool Moroccan pom pom blanket, Uzbek silk ikat pillow).

Phulkari make wonderful accent pieces.

Oh,  if only this lovely worn Phulkari could tell where it has been!

Up-cycled Phulkari pillows add Pop to this old Indian bench.


If you find yourself heading to India remember to look for these beauties if you're in Punjab.

Happy travels!




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