Yao Ceremonial Scroll No. 2

These scrolls are typically part of a set of 27 paintings, often referred to as the Yao Bible. The Yao practice Taoism as it was in the 15th century, reflecting their belief in ancestor worship and a densely populated spirit world. The Mien are a branch of the Yao tribal family who occupy the Golden Triangle area of Asia, and adhere to an ancient school of Southern Chinese Taoism that dates back many centuries. The scrolls are a core part of Yao religious belief, and they are believed to be quite literally the home of the gods. When the painting is completed, a shaman will call on the gods to enter and embody the scrolls in a special ceremony.

  • Dimensions: 19"W x 45"L
  • Approximately 75 yrs old
  • Good Condition
  • Country of Origin: Southeast Asia
  • Handmade mulberry paper / natural paint pigments

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